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Italian Producers Sue Over Rights to Pope Film


BROOKLYN (CN) - An Italian production company has accused American producers and distributors of swiping the rights to the film "Pope John Paul II: A Saint for Our Times," in Federal Court.

Producers Alida Vallini and Davide Leinardi of the Italian company LD of Leinardi Davide say they struck a deal with Gustavo Sagastune, president of Florida-based International Media, to produce the film.

The Italian producers allegedly agreed to supply all production materials and contacts, and Sagastune would hook them up with major distributors in the United States.

They further agreed that the film's copyright, once acquired by Vallini and Leinardi, would be transferred to ADG International, a company Sagastune was supposed to form in Florida. They would then split ownership of ADG International, with the Italian producers owning half and Sagastune owning the other half, the lawsuit states.

But Sagastune never founded the company, the plaintiffs claim, and instead transferred the exclusive rights to his own company through a forged copyright document.

The Italian filmmakers say they didn't find out that the document was false or that ADG International had never been created until early 2008.

Vallini and Leinardi also learned that International Media had gone behind their backs and signed distribution contracts with Koch Entertainment, Sandra Carter Global and Forrest Incentives, the complaint states.

The Italian producers demand $3 million from Sagastune, the three distributors, International Media and Dreamtime Entertainment, which allegedly distributed the film online. They also sued John Biffar, a Dreamtime shareholder with decision-making power.

Vallini and Leinardi demand an injunction, accounting, the destruction of all infringing copies of the film and $3 million in damages for copyright infringement, breach of contract and unfair competition.


The Foundation “Aldo Marzano for advocacy” and the Bar of Salerno, in connection with the Italian Association of Young Attorneys, have instituted the First Prize ‘Aldo Marzano’ for the excellence in advocacy, inspired by the noble figure of Aldo Marzano, recently deceased, acknowledged  protagonist of the history of the Salerno advocacy.  The official presentation of the prize is scheduled on March, Thursday 26 at the “Augusteo” theatre in Salerno, at 8.00 p.m.

On that occasion, the Desidero Ensemble Orchestra will perform at a concert entitled “from Vivaldi to Piazzolla”. The President of the Province of Salerno Angelo Villani and other public authorities are expected to take part in the event.

Here is the interview to Attorney Elvira Marzano, who will present the event.


The event in honor of Aldo Marzano, one of the main figures of the Salerno advocacy, recently deceased, took place at the “Augusteo” theatre in Salerno. In that occasion, the First Prize “Aldo Marzano for advocacy” was presented in a crowded theatre and at the presence of the Mayor of Salerno, Vincenzo De Luca, and the President of the Province, Angelo Villani. 

Antonio Sica for TV Oggi Salerno News - March, Friday 27.


A Glimpse of Our Appellate Practice

Our appellate lawyers at AmedLaw have been involved in an unusual case involving a fraudulent conveyance of real property.  In this case, the buyer stole an identity, and purchased a home sold by a seller who also stole an identity.  The seller’s counterfeit identity was that of the owner’s late husband.  This scam involved nine players who have all been indicted, convicted, and/or sentenced by the Queens County District Attorney’s office.   The bank brought a foreclosure action against the innocent homeowner despite the fact that her home was fraudulently sold by forgery committed by a criminal third party.  AmedLaw represents the innocent homeowner and the victim of this fraud in the appellate court’s against the foreclosing bank, and the matter may soon reach resolution.  Common sense, in this debacle, raises the loudest voice to reinforce the uncomplicated notion that an innocent property owner may not lose ownership of their property as a consequence of criminal acts of unrelated third parties.  The New Post recently discussed this in an article printed on April 25, 2011.

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