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The Marzano Lawyers PLLC commercial litigation group focuses on understanding the nuances and complexities of its international clients’ businesses in order to best represent their unique interests.  Maintaining offices in the United States and Europe allows for cost effective transatlantic approach to litigation, where the client has the accountability of local counsel, with foreign representation abroad at its fingertips.

Marzano Lawyers PLLC’s international lawyers have handled both foreign and domestic commercial litigation issues involving contract disputes, financing, debt recovery, partner disputes, shareholder claims, fraud, employment disputes, in over 20 countries, including among others Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Finland, Greece, Brazil, Switzerland, China, South Korea and the Philippines.

Working together with the business client, Marzano Lawyers PLLC lawyers endeavor towards a results oriented practice when engaging in international litigation.  The firm engages international experts in and outside of court to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s international matter in furtherance of a profit oriented method in resolving an international commercial dispute.

Marzano Lawyers PLLC employs an appellate focused trial strategy when engaging in international commercial litigation, where the client’s matter is prosecuted or defended with an overarching eye towards an appellate protection or remedy.  Marzano Lawyers PLLC international trial lawyers continually collaborate with the firm’s appellate attorneys to provide the most detailed, valuable, and business objective oriented trial counsel possible.

Lastly, if the international business client intends to bring or defend a commercial lawsuit in a foreign jurisdiction, Marzano Lawyers PLLC may also provide counsel to obtain pretrial discovery in the United States.  In the circumstances where the client is filing or defending a lawsuit in another country and there are relevant witnesses or documents in the United States, the client may be permitted to conduct depositions and collect documentary evidence in the United States by virtue of a pre-action discovery claim.

Marzano Lawyers PLLC represents business clients in a broad range of industries, including manufacturers, exporter & importers, distributors, pharmaceutical companies, medical groups, franchises, IT companies, fashion designers, apparel and accessories manufacturers, and professional firms.  The firm also works with many startups in a wide variety of markets.

Marzano Lawyers PLLC has successfully guided domestic and foreign companies through a spectrum of domestic and foreign litigation including:

  • Arbitration & Mediation
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Business Dissolution
  • Breach of Contract
  • Fiduciary breaches
  • Construction litigation
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes, including, licensing disputes, trade secrets, customer lists trademarks and copyright infringement.
  • Vendor Disputes
  • Complex collections, including fraudulent transfer actions and corporate veil piercing
  • Employment Defense
  • Government Investigations
  • Commercial lease litigation
  • Administrative Proceedings
  • Emergency civil relief, including injunctive relief and temporary restraining orders (TROs).
  • Buy-sell disputes

Contact our firm if you are in need of the services of a boutique business law firm that understands the complexity of dealing with domestic and international commercial litigation.

The law firm of Marzano Lawyers PLLC has attorneys and lawyers licensed in Italy, New York, Connecticut and US Federal Courts.

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