Marzano Lawyers PLLC is a transatlantic law firm with offices in New York, Rome, Italy and Salerno Italy which focuses on providing outstanding cost-effective results, while maintaining the highest ethical standards in the relationship with the client. The firm provides a case –by-case solution of the legal issues, tailored to suit the specific needs of each client. The result of consistently applying such high standards is the firm’s long track record of successfully completed transactions/cases and an acclaimed reputation of providing the highest professional level of legal counsel both in United States and Italy.

Our client base in Italy and the United States includes individuals, small commercial companies, and charitable institutions. Marzano Lawyers PLLC has the size and experience and reputation necessary to handle international legal issues and is committed to retaining the close client relationships, responsiveness and understanding of the type of client generally identified with smaller firms.


Via Giovanni Nicotera, 29
Staircase 6, 3rd Floor
Rome, Italy 00195
f: +39.089.252121

Corso Garibaldi 153/A
Salerno, Italy 84122
t: +39.089.224842
f: +39.089.252121

1120 Ave of the Americas
Hippodrome Building 4FL
New York, NY 10036
t: (212) 655-9561


The law firm “Marzano & Associates was founded in Salerno, Italy in 1965 by Aldo Marzano and Arturo Budetta. After the premature passing of Arturo Budetta in 2003, the law firm continued to operate with the new denomination Marzano Avvocati Associati under the guidance and responsibility of Aldo Marzano.

Aldo Marzano received his law degree at 22 years of age in 1959 at Naples University. His stellar reputation and expertise in civil law and procedure has been widely and openly recognized throughout his exemplary career as an attorney. At the beginning of his professional career, he collaborated as a research assistant of Civil Law and Private Law at Salerno University with renowned professors Gabriello Piazza and Carmine Donisi. Attorney Marzano published comments on the Italian Civil Code which had been edited by UTET in 1980 and published by Prof. Pietro Perlingieri.

He was author of numerous studies on specialized law journals and a founding member of the Civil Chamber of Salerno.

In the practice of the law, Aldo always committed to the belief in the social function of the legal profession and a practice which reflects the traditional prestige and dignity of the Italian legal profession, while at the same time, the commitment to the research and discovery of new and innovative solutions to modern legal issues.

Aldo Marzano was nominated and elected the Chief of the Board of Law Examiners for the Salerno District by the Ministry of Justice for the years 2005-2006.
His wide breadth of competence on health and pharmaceuticals, urban planning, construction and eminent domain, banking, bankruptcy and finance law still constitute the strength and the basis of the solid reputation of the firm.  Aldo passed away in 2008.

The irreplaceable role of Mr. Arturo Budetta, prematurely deceased, is always present in the firm and represents its core values. His outstanding reputation as Assistant Professor of Law at the Naples University, his creativity, his professional excellence as an administrative attorney and his unforgettable human qualities are the foundation and the precious legacy of Marzano and Associates.  With an experience base spanning over forty years, Marzano Avvocati Associati offers a variety of legal services with its established offices in Italy and the United States with attorneys qualified both in Italy and in the United States.