Marzano Lawyers PLLC has represented private, public, domestic and multinational companies in commercial transactional and litigation matters in over 20 countries.   Marzano Lawyers PLLC has significant experience working in United States, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Finland, Greece, Brazil, Switzerland, China, South Korea and the Philippines focusing on commercial counsel in litigation, arbitration, risk management, international collections, international mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property matters, and business reorganizations.

Marzano Lawyers PLLC  provides legal advice and representation to domestic U.S. companies entering foreign markets and foreign companies seeking to enter the United States market.  Marzano Lawyers PLLC’s attorneys assist domestic U.S. business entities in establishing foreign offices, forming and structuring entities in foreign jurisdictions.  On the flip side,  Marzano Lawyers PLLC also provides counsel to international companies seeking to set up offices in the United States, and structure and form companies to enter the United States Market.


Marzano Lawyers PLLC  international commercial attorneys provide general counsel services in broad spectrum of practice areas which are focused on the growth and development of the client’s business needs.  The firm has substantial experience in the drafting and review of all types of commercial documents, including operating agreements, sales contracts, asset purchase agreements, divestures, buy outs, financing agreements, international loan agreements, international employment agreements, franchising agreements, distributor licensing and divestures.  


Marzano Lawyers PLLCs international transactional attorneys represent foreign companies and individuals on matters such as:

  • Providing legal counsel for foreign companies and individuals wishing to invest in and establish foreign-owned American business entities such as Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Corporations and Partnerships (LLP).
  • Providing legal counsel in the negotiating, structuring, and drafting of international acquisitions, mergers and divestitures involving foreign assets and companies.
  • Providing legal counsel to foreign companies and individuals in connection with, licensing, distribution, franchising and joint ventures in the United States.
  • Advising and assisting foreign companies and individuals that wish to invest in, purchase, or lease property or assets in the United States.
  • Advising and assisting foreign companies and individuals in registering United States’ trademarks, copyrights and patents.
  • Advising on and negotiating international lending and international financing agreements.
  • Advising and assisting in foreign investment structures in the United States.


Marzano Lawyers PLLC’s international transactional attorneys specialize in representing domestic United States’ based investors and businesses in their efforts to expand their business in global markets.  The firm is experienced in: 

  • Providing legal counsel to U.S. based domestic companies involved in foreign direct investment in foreign countries in matters such as establishing foreign entities, international production, research and development, and other international agreements.
  • Advising and assisting domestic companies and individuals that wish to invest in, purchase, or lease property or assets around the world.
  • Structuring, negotiating and documenting international acquisitions and mergers involving companies from the United States, Italy, and other countries around the world.
  • Structuring, negotiating and documenting international distributorship, international franchise and joint venture agreements.
  • Advising U.S. companies in the protection of intellectual property rights abroad.
  • Structuring, negotiating, and documenting cross-border lending transactions.
  • Structuring, negotiating, and documenting international sales of goods and services.


Marzano Lawyers PLLC international lawyers have significant experience in helping newly established businesses in the formation and selection of an effective operating structure.  The firm works together with the clients to advise on which structure (e.g. limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLP), S-Corp, C-Corp) would be most favorable from tax, reporting and liability perspective.  The firm can also effectively advise in setting up companies in foreign jurisdictions around the world. 

Marzano Lawyers PLLC can assist in forming the following types of domestic business entities:

  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
  • Closely Held Corporations
  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • General Partnerships
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)
  • Sole Proprietorships

Marzano Lawyers PLLC international business lawyers advise on international corporate governance, internal and external compliance, state and federal compliance and international regulatory compliance.


The firm has substantial experience in advising individuals, management teams, and board of directors.  Marzano Lawyers PLLC will conduct investigations on behalf of international business clients in a variety of industries, including investigating alleged director or manager malfeasance, proposing international restructuring strategies to enhance capital preservation, drafting and maintaining corporate records, and presenting options to reduce or eliminate litigation exposure.


Marzano Lawyers PLLC  international intellectual property attorneys can assist its international business clients in handling all aspects and challenges of international intellectual property law such as trademark law, copyright and patent filing and protection.  The firm also advises its international business clients on matters involving International Copyright and International Trademark Registration, International Nondisclosure agreements; Trade secrets; licensing disputes, and IP manufacturing agreements.


Marzano Lawyers PLLC’s sports law practice group offers a broad range of legal services to the sports industry.  The firm provides counsel to domestic and international sports ownership groups, teams, athletes, leagues, agents and sponsors on the full spectrum of sports industry related transactions, litigation and arbitration.  Additional information on the firm’s expertise and experience in this specialized practice area can be found on the firm’s sports law page.


Marzano Lawyers PLLC fashion law group specializes in assisting a wide spectrum of US and Italian based clients in the fashion industry.

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