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Marzano Lawyers PLLC litigation practice operates in conjunction with our able colleagues at AmedLaw. Our Litigation expertise combined with AmedLaw’s practice provides a powerful combination for our clients.

The best way to describe the New York appeals process is to describe what an appeal is not. An appeal is not an opportunity to revisit everything that happened at trial. An appeal is an opportunity to re-examine specific points of law (and sometimes fact) from a trial court’s decision. These specific points can include rulings on a motion, admissibility or inadmissibility of evidence, objections sustained or overruled at trial, and sometimes can include the findings of a jury verdict. An appellate lawyer’s skill set is far different than that of trial lawyers. Most judges and lawyers alike agree with this statement.

An appellate lawyer’s approach, audience, and goals are very different from that of a trial lawyer. An appellate lawyer, must have superior research, writing, and oratory skills. A trial lawyer’s job is to speak to a jury, whereas, an appellate lawyer needs to compel a panel of highly skilled appellate judges. Appellate judges have many written briefs to read, and a skilled appellate lawyer will bring to life what may otherwise be a mundane set of facts and applicable law.

AmedLaw lawyers have skillfully and successfully argued cases before all New York State Courts and New York Federal Courts. If you are faced with a decision to appeal a decision, or are forced to defend an appeal, we welcome you to contact us.

We can never guarantee success, but we can guarantee that we will put every available resource to attain success in your matter. Sometimes the best appeals are ones that are never taken. Appeals are expensive, and we will always communicate with you clearly, and explain to you whether you’re likely to succeed or lose. The decision to refrain or proceed is always yours, but you’ll never have to deal with unresponsive, ill informed or dormant lawyering while you make this decision, and more importantly, after you’ve made the decision to proceed.

Our appellate experience and available resources span years in the making. Appellate Law is its own beast, and we appreciate being able to practice across multiple practice areas. Some of our recent cases alone have covered issues in Estates & Trusts, Real Estate Foreclosures, Breach of Fiduciary Duty in a closely held corporation, equitable distribution subsequent to a foreign judgment of divorce, and various other areas of law.